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The Arts and Entertainment

- transforming our lives and society

Creating and understanding art and entertainment in all its forms is an intrinsic part of being human. Art and entertainment is something we do - and something we need. Culture can be understood in terms of artistic quality, but also as a important force for social change, as cultural output spreads across time and geography, it thereby often comes to function as "show case" for new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, thereby impacting social, cultural, and technological structures.

At Vogel Media we see CULTURAL CONTENT as an enabler of cultural, technological and social change.

Some historic examples:

  • Clay bowls and cave drawings of the Stone Age
  • Folklore, dancing and singing
  • Theatre, religious ceremonies
  • The printing press
  • International World Fairs of the late 19th century

Some current examples:

  • Movies, television, radio and recorded sound
  • App’s and interlinked digital media platforms
  • AI-embedded devices

The importance of cultural products, is a core belief and an underlying vision of Carl-Fredrik Vogel, from his earliest works in the 1980´s, throughout his academic research, his media productions and his latest project - the Brain Lounge where digital entertainment content was used to implement a new welfare technology for senior citizens.

Carl-Fredrik Vogel has a Bachelor's degree in Economic History from the  University of Lund in Sweden, and is also a graduate from the National Film School of Denmark's four-year programme as a Producer.

Vogel Media was established i 1994, and the company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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