"My job as a producer is to identify ideas with potential. Knowing the market and the production metods, I am able to make all kinds of potentials grow, creating income and an artistic impact."

Fredrik Vogel, Executive Producer



FRED VOGEL SOUND is an ongoing life project for producing, composing and performing sweet and dirty pop tunes, as well as music for film/TV and video games.



Vogel Media has produced and distributed animation, feature films, short fiction and documentaries, in all genres and on all artistic levels - for more than 30 years.

Interactive video games can be used to strengthen and train the brain's cognitive functions. Vogel Media's games offer a fun and engaging way to enhance learning or training.



The non-linear character of exhibitions, and the experience of surprise associations that arise at events and seminars, are a source of artistic inspiration. Vogel Media works as a curator and exhibition technician.

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