Interactive video games have a huge potential to strengthen and train our cognitive functions. Vogel Media has produced games for children and/or senior citizens, providing a fun and engaging method to enhance learning or rehabilitation training.

2011 - 2018

The Brain Lounge project had its own online games. It was a collection of FLASH-games for senior citizens. The games were on-line for ten years and offered a fun and engaging way to enhance learning or training. 

The games focus was on five main cognitive categories:

1. Language (words/symbols/meanings)

2. Memory

3. Visuospatial skills and reaction time 

4. Concentration

5. Analytical skills

As FLASH has been discontinued, the games are as of 2020 no longer avaliable.


Project manager for 12 video game productions at DADIU (The National Film School of Denmark)


Producer for the flash video game HUNDEN IB with Betapilot and Titoonic, for DR B&U, West Danish Film Fund, NFTV Fund


Producer of video game DETECTIVE MAZE, Icon Medialab & Angel Films